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​Angel Magic Mysteries

Cozy Harvest Tea 


Healing with a Touch of of Magick​​

Our opening circle will begin at 10:30 AM. You will experience mysteries throughout the day, touching all your senses. Maybe you'll float away on a magic journey with a meditative Crystal Soul Bath, complimented with reiki and an in-depth healing of Shamanic Energy using the magic of wands.

     Oh Yes, there is more! Would you like to know more? Maybe an exquisite spread of magical treats and teas, to tantalize your taste buds. Or time to create your own potions to take home. Yes, our magical Christy to guide and play with you all!

     Mmmmm... Then there is the Mystery Market!  Shhhh ... We can't share everything! 


Minimum Spaces Available

Register Now by calling Debbie at 780-298-4679